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Real arbitrage deals 5 mins ago


ff market alt exch ask exch bid price ask price bid vol ask vol bid profit % added age


  • All fees on exchange trading includes and already calculated, you see clean profit.
  • If you dont authorized, you see data with delay 5 mins. We give realtime data if you login via Telegram Messenger.
  • ff - fast filter, this is page, with pair and direction info.
  • exch ask\bid - crypto exchange for Buy or Sell altcoin.
  • price ask\bid - real Buy or Sell price for altcoin on ask or bid exchange.
  • vol ask\bid - current trade orders volume for altcoin on ask or bid exchange.
  • profit - max absolute profit if you take max volume. Max volume = minimum value between ask and bid volumes.
  • % - max profit in percent.
  • added - real time when deal was searched.
  • age - how many seconds ago deal was searched.
  • |m - marked coin when wallet on exchange has maintenance mode with disable deposit or withdrawl.

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